Dundee Model Boat Club was formed in 1885 and has had an unbroken existance since that year. We sail at the Swannie Ponds on Pitkerro road where we have a clubhouse with seating for our members as well as a work area allowing for maintenance of our boats. When the pond freezes in winter the club is still open for discussion of various subjects.

Opening times are :-Tuesday nights 6.00pm to 1000pm

Sundays 11.00am to 4.00pm

Our members are friendly and will make any visitors welcome, if you are interested in model boating just come and visit us. We currently have members from as far away as Forfar so distance is not a problem.

We have a pegboard system in place for frequency control for both 27MHz and 40MHz frequencies although the new 2.4GHz frequency needs no control.

All types of models are sailed by our members including large and small yachts, scale models and fast electrics. IC engines (petrol or glow) have been sailed in the past although are rarely sailed at present. (We are surrounded by houses so it is a noise sensitive area.)