The club was formed on the 20th April 1885 at the Coffee House, Candle Lane, Dundee for the “ furtherence of the recreation of all aspects of Model Boating. ” It was originally known as The Dundee Model Yacht Club.

The club is therefore the oldest in Scotland and amongst the oldest in Britain.

It has been in continuous existance since it's start and has sailed at the Stobswell Ponds for it's entire life.

Initially the classes of yachts sailed were 5 and 10 tonners with gaff rigs. These tended to be rather long and narrow beamed with a deep hull.

These were replaced by 12 metre and 6 metre yachts when these classes came into existance. Many of our earlier members travelled to events with other clubs and we have had several Scottish champions during our history. During this time there was some support for free sailing power boats including steam power

During the 60's there was an upsurge of Radio controlled power boats (much to the disgust of the older yachting fraternity) and the name was changed to Dundee Model Yacht and Power Boat Club. The yachting side of the club decreased until in the 80's the club became the Dundee Model Boat Club with mostly radio controlled power boats, scale and fast electric.

In 1985 the club held it's centenary year with a resurgance of yachting, a R36r yacht was designed and produced for club members and some 6 metre yachts were converted to radio control. A fast electric and Marblehead yacht were both used to cross the river Tay from Tayport to Broughty Ferry, a distance of about 3 miles over a tidal estuary.

We were involved in the formation of the Scottish Federation of Model Boat Clubs and have been members since it's formation. In 1992 we held the Scottish National Championships on behalf of the Federation, the first time that these had been hosted by an individual club. As this event alternates between the east and west coast clubs we have been hosts on other occasions. Throughout the existance of the Federation the club has produced several Scottish champions in Scale, Yachting and Fast Electric.

One of our earlist charity fundraising event was a sponsored sail around as many of the local ponds as we could reach in one day. A group of four models were eventually sailed on 20 ponds throughout Angus and Fife.

The Club has held four 24 hour endurance events at the Craigtoun Country Park near St Andrews. The boats used during these events were normal club boats, no specially built boats. These events were sponsored for the MacMillan Fund

We have held a series of club competitions for 30 inch yachts, R36r yachts, 6 metre yachts, steering and fast electrics. These were used for a club championship in each event. A bi-annual regatta is held, open to all Federation clubs.<br />We have organised a number of Modeltay shows on board the historic sailing frigate HMS Unicorn. These included a wide range of modelling hobbies taking up the whole of the upper deck.<br />For several years the club has put on a display at the Dundee Flower Show, the Cupar Model Rail exhibition and the Dundee Model Railway show. The club has also had a presence at the new Federation model show at Summerlee Heritage Centre in Coatbridge.